About DIT

The eEM™ system is portable yet powerful.

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A Vision For Success

Using new developments in electromagnetic technologies, we founded Deep Imaging Technologies with the goal of greatly improving the ability to detect onshore geological features of potential value. Our focus is to advance the oil and gas industry by developing innovative data collection equipment and software technologies. The result is our breakthrough enhanced electromagnetic system known as eEMTM.

How it works
Our eEMTM system transmits electromagnetic waves to specific subsurface locations. This energy—designed with signature frequency and wave patterns— travels deep below the earth’s surface where it generates various currents and EM fields depending on the electromagnetic characteristics of the rocks and other geological features it encounters.

These induced fields, in turn, generate a weaker set of electromagnetic fields, which, once radiated back to the surface, are detected despite ambient transmission interference and recorded by our state-of-the-art Deep Imaging receivers.

Because we deploy the receivers over a wide area, signals are interpreted at a staggered rate with varying characteristics. These slight differences allow our processing software to collect the most accurate indications of where induced signals originate and provide uniquely valuable insights into the subsurface geological conditions.